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If home is where the heart is, why do I feel so fucking heartless?

oktoberkind asked: A, D, I, N, Z :)

A: My last relationship? I never had a boyfriend, and that’s because of my fucked up experience of love when I was around 18. I felt love though. I wrote two books, around 2000 blog entries and a bunch of diary entries about it and I still haven’t told  everything about how love changed me at all. It’s difficult though, since I keep comparing, and nobody comes even close, so I let nobody come close to me - and to be honest, in the last couple of months nobody seemed to even WANT to come close to me, not even physically, so yiha, welcome to my misery! :D 

D: The hardest thing that I ever went through is either the 13 years of bullying and being literally garbage for the world and its cool, tough, wanted kids, or losing the guy I loved twice for senseless reasons. Both of them definitely shaped and changed me into this person I am now, with  a strong sense for vulnerability and sad stories, behaving in a pattern of insecurities, fear and memories that definitely mark my actions in everything I do, daily, but it also made me stronger, prouder, and more sharp-minded than ever before.

I: I have two tattoos, a writing on my wrist and a feather on my arm. I have a nosering as well :)

N: Favorite place to shop is currently London.

Z: I’m feeling fine today, satisfied with beer, chocolate and peace, and a daaaamn nice weekend to come up! :) How are you? :) 


On my balcony. With beer. And chocolate. Basically waiting for the stars to come. And the weekend. Inhaling. Thinking.

Mickey <333

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"Our vulnerability is what makes us beautiful". Coming from a woman who actually isn’t of this opinion at all, this talk is such an inspiring and touching one. And I agree, that in the end, it’s all about connection, in any given way. Listen and get inspired! 

im bored send me an A - Z ples

Wolf Duet by Evan Kokoska
Tübingen yesterday.  Such a beautiful city. #tuebingen #nature #lake #germany

Tübingen yesterday. Such a beautiful city. #tuebingen #nature #lake #germany


Drikung Valley by lylevincent on Flickr.

Every arriving already results in leaving and though I know that everybody has their troubles with goodbyes, I would like to tell you that I am the worst in it. Not to the outside though, everybody always thinks I’m pretty smooth and easy going at a goodbye but inside, my heart gets stabbed and tears crush into the corners of my eyes and for a second I cannot breathe.